About Us

Washington Protection & Security Guard Services was originally started by Officer Kuhn to help businesses and organizations in Tacoma better handle the massive surge of crime and homelessness that we have been seeing in our communities. We have since expanded out to provide premium Protection Services most of Western Washington.

As an organization we pride ourselves on being the best trained Officers in the country having more training hours than almost any police department and certainly more than any security company. We require all officers to pursue their Black Belt in JuJitsu, conduct weekly classroom and situational trainings and work hand in hand with local police departments to provide our clients with the highest quality Security Guard Services that this industry has ever seen.

We currently offer a variety of on site and patrol services to fit most budgets to keep you and your business or organization safe. We are also beginning to focus on getting our Officers into schools as Resource Officers to help keep our children and our teachers safe from crime. Through these services we hope to make a substantial and lasting positive impact on our communities and those who live in them by ridding our communities of crime and violent offenders. Our mission is to protect what matters and we hope to work with you soon.